Any engineers can help install whitening machine for teeth ?
You are expected to try to install whitening machine for teeth first. When there are big problems which cannot be solved themselves, we may send engineers. A team of experienced engineers has been established. They are always ready to solve problems. When the product is customized and the general instruction is not applicable, a specific manual may be provided. If the problem still cannot be solved, engineers may be sent. This is also decided by the distance and the work schedule.

Difeng has high celebrity among customers for its fabulous pen teeth whitening products. The dazzling teeth whitening pen series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The freezing technology of Difeng enamel whitening toothpaste has been greatly improved by our R&D team who tries to achieve the great cooling effect while shortening the freezing time. The product will not cause discomfort to the teeth and mouth. This product is treasured for its consistent performance. The amount and concentration of its whitening agent can be adjusted.

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