Are we informed about Teeth whitening mouth tray weight and volume after shipment?
Fuzhou Difeng Bio-Tech Co., Ltd provides the weight and quantity after the dispatch of Teeth whitening mouth tray. If you do not get it, then please contact our customer services. It is wise for you and us to understand how to compute shipping costs. We can creatively combine your packaging to streamline logistics and reduce transport costs.
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Difeng Bio-Tech has been leading the industry of Teeth whitening mouth tray. Difeng Bio-Tech's dentist teeth whitening products series contains multiple sub-products. The production process of Difeng Teeth whitening mouth tray goes through real-time inspection. In nearly every production stage, random inspection in terms of the fiber quality, weaving quality, colorfastness to washing or rubbing, as well as overall tensile strength is strictly carried out. The product will not make the teeth sensitive to certain foods and drinks. The smooth surface finishing makes it not prone to scratch, rust, and corrosion. It remains its original shine after many times of uses. There are no harmful side effects to the teeth, gums, and veneers.
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