How about sales of oral care under Difeng?
There is no exact data here. Such information might be revealed when a reliable partnership is established. We sell oral care in domestic and international markets. Our sales have increased year by year. This makes us more competitive in the market.
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Excellent teeth whitening machine and perfect service make Difeng the most popular star in the teeth whitening machine market. Fuzhou Difeng Bio-Tech Co., Ltd produces a number of different product series, including top ten mouthwash. Simple and natural use: the design of the product simple and it is easy to use. There are no extra buttons and only one stylus can create natural writing and signing experience. Its formulas can be customized as per customers’ request. Difeng Bio-Tech has a sound production base and an experienced marketing team. The product will not cause discomfort to the teeth and mouth.
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Difeng Bio-Tech wishes bright and creative talents to work with us! Check it!

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