How many Difeng teeth whitening replacement gel are sold per year?
The sales of Difeng teeth whitening replacement gel are becoming better and better in recent years. They have been exported to many countries and receive high recognition, which in turn promotes our competitiveness and growth. This improvement mainly attributes to our new sales models. We have abandoned antiquated, ineffective sales models and processes. We re-examine our distribution channel strategies and begin to adopt Internet channels. For example, we build our own website and establish social media accounts which allow us to reach out to more potential customers.

The realization of its own sustainable development helps Difeng advance more than before. The best selling whitening toothpaste series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. This product is thoroughly inspected by our skilled QC team to rule out every possibility of defect. Made of food-grade or medical-grade materials, it's non-toxic. Fuzhou Difeng Bio-Tech Co., Ltd conducts strict quality inspection from raw material to delivery. The product will not cause discomfort to the teeth and mouth.

We have refined a customer-centric belief system, focusing on delivering a positive experience and providing unparalleled levels of attention and support so customers can focus on growing their business.
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