Is Teeth whitening mouth tray tested before shipment?
Every Teeth whitening mouth tray supplied by Fuzhou Difeng Bio-Tech Co., Ltd should be tested before shipment. We take it seriously to control the product quality. During the test, the performance, service life, etc. are all considered.
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Difeng is a Teeth whitening mouth tray brand that serves customers wholeheartedly. Difeng Bio-Tech's Teeth whitening mouth tray series contains multiple sub-products. Difeng Teeth whitening mouth tray is thoroughly tested. Both its physical properties such as shrinkage rate for cloth, resilience, and fabric stiffness and chemical properties such as formaldehyde and PH content are required to meet the specific standards. It is effective to improve extrinsic tooth discoloration affected by coffee, tobacco, tea, etc. This product will not get affected under bright and scorching sunlight, heavy rains and storms, and other extreme weathers. This product has been recognized as an excellent oral health tool.
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