What about FOB of advanced whitening toothpaste ?
At Fuzhou Difeng Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, we can make a deal under the FOB contract. Trading under FOB terms is preferred by many of our customers. Why? Because under FOB terms, customers can select their own freight carrier and have the ability to choose the route taken, transit time and negotiate more favorable freight. It not only provides greater control over the shipping process; it also gives better control over the related shipping costs and, in turn, the overall cost of the goods. If you want to trade under FOB contract, contact us, and we will offer you the FOB quote of our products.

Engaged in manufacturing dentist teeth whitening products, Difeng Bio-Tech wins customers by superior quality and low price. The pen teeth whitening products series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The structure of Difeng dazzling teeth whitening pen is manufactured by adopting advanced welding technology that removes any possible weak points when under tension. This product does no harm to the teeth. The performance of the product is recognized by the third party authorities. The product brings long-lasting oral health effects.

We are open to new ways of thinking and doing things, in order to create new possibilities for customers. We will always respond to unexpected challenges in a bold way to capture global strengths and achieve operational excellence.
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