What about the maximum supply of teeth whitening products by Difeng Bio-Tech per month?
In the face of dynamic order quantity, Fuzhou Difeng Bio-Tech Co., Ltd does not always restrict our supply capacity to a certain figure. We will adjust the supply of teeth whitening products regarding the customer demands and inventory. To avoid loss caused by some accidents or emergent conditions, we will produce more products than the target number set in the first period of the month. The maximum supply of the product per month will be flexible depending on the customer demands.
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Difeng Bio-Tech specializes in producing high-quality, stable performance best teeth whitening gel. Difeng Bio-Tech is mainly engaged in the business of teeth whitening products and other product series. It has the desired colorfastness. The type of the dye, the amount of dye, its method of bonding to the fabric and dyeing procedures all contribute to this characteristic. The ingredients used in the product are safe. Difeng Bio-Tech not only masters the professional technical ability, but also has a keen market insight. We continuously improves the teeth whitening products according to the needs of the international market, and promotes it to bring a good experience to customers.
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In order to reduce the impact of our products on the environment, we are devoted to consistent innovation in product design, quality, reliability, and recyclability, so as to be responsible for the environment. Contact us!

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