What about the minimum order quantity of Teeth whitening mouth tray in Difeng Bio-Tech?
Teeth whitening mouth tray's MOQ may be negotiated, and may be determined by your own requirements. Minimum Order Quantity identifies the smallest quantity of merchandise or components which we're eager to provide once. If there are particular needs like customizing merchandise, the MOQ might differ. In most cases, the more majority you purchase from Difeng, the less it requires the cost of each. This usually means you're going to be paying less per unit if you would like to place a large amount of orders.
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Fuzhou Difeng Bio-Tech Co., Ltd is a developing technology entrepreneur in the Teeth whitening mouth tray industry. Difeng Bio-Tech's best oral care products series contains multiple sub-products. The R&D of Difeng Teeth Whitening Tray Kit is completed based on the user-friendly concept. It is specially developed by the technicians to enhance the smartphone experience. This product can help prevent different kinds of oral and dental problems. It has strong heavy wind resistance. Impact modifier and stabilizer have been added to its material and structure to guarantee this capacity. Using this product will definitely help boost people's self-confidence.
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To be able to have our better collaboration, Difeng Bio-Tech is ready to do more for our clients. Call!

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